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The task I set out to myself is not easy at all. What I need to do is to help people become trustworthy. Therefore, the person who reads my texts must set himself the task of learning to appreciate and respect others, and become a trustworthy person.

What does that mean?

A lover of God, no matter how bad a person is, must become better. This happens necessarily through the worship of the Creator. By worshiping God, you become close to Him. Through closeness, you experience God’s omnipresence and His perfection. Knowing God’s perfect nature, you also recognize the perfection of the world and the entire Creation. In this way, you complain less, and recognize less misery in the world. Because the misery you see comes from disbelief in God and disbelief in yourself and others.

People celebrate the birth of a child, even though it cries even at birth because it has descended from the state of bliss into earthly life. They mourn the one who has died even though he is already in bliss in another kind of existence. The fact is that if a person knew where he came from and where he was going, it would be much easier for him. However, due to the law of karma, such truths are not available to ignorant man.


A man in ignorance commits sinful and therefore evil deeds. In a way, it is happiness and then protection if a person is afraid of death. Otherwise, he would give up his life at the slightest difficulty. Happiness is also protection and that you think it is very important to live and fulfill your wishes, because in that way you reach self-awareness, which is the primary task of all souls in the Cosmos (the world and life help you in this).

Many people seek self-awareness unconsciously.


They go down bad ways. A man who do not seek God, seek Him unconsciously through enjoyment and suffering. It is a path of pain and destruction. However, no one can take away your free will, even when you have decided on the path of destruction.

This is where my work gets its meaning. I will most certainly lead many away from the path of destruction. That is my task and I will do it. I will tell the truth to the people.

I know that many people look at the results according to modern standards. Many people think that something is worth if it had a lot of likes, views, subscribers. Many people think that someone is right because many people follow him. Such reasoning makes no sense to me. For me, the only thing that matters is how much a person loves and respects self and others. How much he loves God and how much he sympathizes with Creation. These are the qualities that define self-satisfaction and life.

Here we come to the first and main problem.

The man says:

– I can’t do that.

I say:

– It’s normal that you can’t do it right away. But you can go that way right away.

How to become a trustworthy person?

By accepting the truth, accepting the right advice, and living by it.

Of course, even in 50 years you may not achieve perfection, but you will reach the meaning of life and gratitude for existing and acting, and satisfaction because you will see what you have done positively.

If you do nothing positive and nothing inspired by ideals, you will lose a meaningful life and faith in yourself and God. Then you are left with only science and enjoyment. And they are not realistic and do not lead you to God.

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