My philosophy is that man should become aware of his origin and his immortality.
What it means?
When you tell someone that his origin is in God and that his Self is God himself, and therefore immortal, he looks at you white with disbelief. He thinks you’re crazy or conceited.
This is a frequent (but not normal) reaction of people in modern times.

Why is this happening?
Because of man’s disappointment and his feeling of helplessness, he wants to cover up his insecurity and ignorance with worldly knowledge. That is why he loves and it is important for him to be smart, to know that he is right.

Because of that goal of always being right, he is closed to the otherworldly and the timeless. He just wants things that are physically tangible.
It’s like asking someone if he wants to be immortal or mortal but right, and he tells you he wants the latter. And yet he finds that choice logical and smart. And again he thinks he’s right.

I have noticed that people are afraid of true truth and true knowledge. They ignore God and His omnipotence so much that they do not notice the essence of true truth and true knowledge at all.
What is the core?
Core is that this truth that I am communicating is liberating and saving. It hides both salvation and liberation, and primarily relief.

Why relief?
Because respecting knowledge and truth, you begin to live a normal life, with all the sufferings and misfortunes, but without cramps and despair, and without loneliness.
So you are neither small nor miserable. Even if you reject yourself and the whole world rejects you, you always have infinite value before God. That is why your actions and decisions always have weight and value that you must not underestimate. That is why disbelief in oneself and in God leaves severe consequences.

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